Below is a list of the scents we make:

Cabernet Sauvignon – Just like sweet Cabernet wine.  Soap is made with Cabernet wine instead of water, resulting in a creamy lather.

Cactus Flower – Light and refreshing mix of sweet flowers with the calmness of fresh cut green cactus.

Cinnamon Stick - Warm cinnamon and a bit of spice.  

Citrus Basil – A blend of lemon and lime with basil.

Citrus Lavender - Fresh lavender with a twist of orange.  A light clean scent. Essential Oils only.

Citrus Sage – Fresh lemon and lime mixed with sage.

Coconut – Like a freshly cut coconut, takes you right to the beach.

Cool Breeze – A blend of citrus, musk and a hint of vanilla.

Fairy Dust – Sweet, sugary scent with a lot of vanilla. (Fairy Dust soap has a light layer of glitter on top)

Gunpowder and Whiskey – A mixture of leather, cedarwood and amber.

Hardwood Musk – Musk with a hint of the woods.

Honey Almond – A blend of almond, honey and milk with a hint of vanilla.

Into the Woods – A mix of Bergamot, floral and a bit of vetiver. Very Manly.

Lavender – Just like fresh lavender. Essential Oil only.

Lilac – Smells just like fresh, blooming lilacs.

Lemon – Fresh, earthy lemon. Essential Oil only.

Lemon Musk – A blend of lemon, musk and the woods.

Mechanic’s – Like fresh earthy lemon with a hint of coffee. Essential Oil only. Has coffee grinds, ground oatmeal and pumice for scrubbing.

Monkey Farts - bananas, with a touch of coconut and citrus, with a pinch of cocoa.

Oak Moss – A blend of vetiver, nutmeg and vanilla.

Oatmeal – a mix of vanilla, milk and almond. Has ground oats for exfoliation.

Patchouli – Deep earthy scent.  Essential Oil only.

Peppercorn Lime - a mixture of fresh squeezed lime with a hint of spicy peppercorn.  A unique combination, great for anyone.

Peppermint – Sweet, menthol mint.  Essential Oil only.

Pineapple Mango – Tropical blend of pineapple and mango.

Red Clover Tea - an herbal tea with a dash of sweet red clover.  A light and clean scent.  One of our most popular scents.

Sandalwood – Similar to Indian Sandalwood, rich and woodsy.

Twisted Citrus – Mixture of orange, chile and a little musk.

Unscented – no scent added       

Unscented with Oatmeal – no scent added, does have ground oats for exfoliation.

White Zinfandel – Aroma of a newly opened bottle of white zinfandel wine.  Made with wine instead of water, resulting in a creamy lather.